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“This tool was a life saver for us.

I was amazed at how simple it was to set up and get rolling.

Things I thought would be challenging; Bulkdues made them seem simple.

This product got rave reviews from our clients. We didn’t have to train them at all; it was that easy to just figure out.

Our bulk renewals came in faster and more accurate than ever before.

Our clients were happy that we built a tool just to make their lives easier; of course, it made our lives easier too!”

Andrea Hopkins Holovach
Membership Development Manager
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Thank you for helping get started with this tool. Very useful and easy indeed. We can now generate the invoice for the company based on memberships and have the bulk fees remitted on an annual basis.

Sabbah Kloah, Petromin PNG Holdings Limited

This year, we applied the new bulk payment system in the Saudi Section, and it was one of the most successful systems we have used. The many departments and oil companies each want to have its employees membership fees in one invoice. This was all provided for us by this great system. It helped us to create invoices very quickly with a few clicks and even add, move, or update member information. Because of this system, we surpassed our goal of 500 new members and added 250 more. I strongly recommend that each SPE section use this program."

Tareq M. Zahrani, Saudi Aramco
















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